Booster Club must do list:

  1. Must comply with all district requests for financial information pertaining to your booster club.
  2. At the beginning of each school year you must provide the district your bank account number, financial institution and your booster club president name.
  3. Submit the fundraiser request form for district approval of all fundraisers.
  4. Submit at the end of the school year the Contribution form.
  5. Supply contact information to Erik Gonzalez, the building Athletic Director, and notify the AD of any changes.
  6. Form a 501c if not already done.
  7. For all fundraisers that will be done at games, get AD approval.
  8. If you would like to use HHS for meeting, email me and I can get you a place to meet-

If you have any questions please contact Erik Gonzalez, the Athletic Director, at 360-064-3405